Orbea OIZ

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Orbea Oiz is a solid race bike model that would benefit both beginners and semi-pros alike. If you are looking for stable specs that guarantee efficiency, then this bike model would be ideal for you. Oizes can maintain speed and ensure a responsive ride. This model can be recommended for both long and short races.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Orbea Oiz H30 20
Orbea Oiz H30 20
Orbea Oiz 29 M30 2020
Orbea Oiz 29 M30 2020
Orbea Oiz M30 20
Orbea Oiz M30 20
Orbea Oiz 29 M10 TR 2020
Orbea Oiz 29 M10 TR 2020
Orbea Oiz M-Team 2021 Small Marble
Orbea Oiz M-Team 2021 Small Marble

Orbea Oiz Review

Orbea Oiz is a bike model with a purpose. Its purpose is to be fast and efficient without being gimmicky, or so we think. If we are right then this bike model certainly accomplished what it needs.

When we took these bikes out for a review, we were surprised at the speeds it went over pebbles and roots on a jungle trail. These bikes don’t look outstanding, but they are enthralling to look at while at work.

The biggest advantage of the Oiz is the pedal. It’s very easy to pedal through rough terrain and not feel any discomfort. Riding uphill on this model is better than on most other types. It was interesting to see that the Oiz was very adept at handling rough terrain, in comparison to other brands. Racing a hardtail on this model is possible, but not as fun.

We found this model reliable when in use or not at all. The only complaint is that the rear end could have been much stiffer.


  • Solid frameselt
  • Good speeds at all times


  • Rear end is not stiff enough

The Verdict

We were impressed by how easy it was to ride Orbea Oiz on tough terrain. We are not going to call this model outstanding, because it’s not, but it delivers as expected.

The rides are smooth and comfortable. if there’s anything you don’t like, it’s easy to change on this model.