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The Norco Sight trail and enduro range of bikes are great on all kinds of trails, although at some competitive prices. The lightweight carbon and aluminum models offer some excellent SRAM componentry and Schwalbe tires, and some amazing performance on the mountain trails.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Norco Sight VLT C3 2019 Black Charcoal
Norco Sight VLT C3 2019 Black Charcoal
Norco Sight VLT C3 29 2020
Norco Sight VLT C3 29 2020
Norco Sight VLT C2 27 2020
Norco Sight VLT C2 27 2020

Norco Sight Review

Since the swinging sixties, Norco has been building quality bicycles, and even helped to popularize mountain bike riding. We checked out the Sight range to see if they’d stand true to the reputation. Based on a few test rides, to a large degree, they do.

These bikes took hard corners with incredible ease, and hit even the steepest ascents we could find without a hitch. Pedaling is super efficient with these bikes, with the suspension well capable of hitting the most technical and rocky trails. Not all the models had the same level of confidence on rougher terrain, but the overall experience was nothing to complain about.

These bikes look as good as they ride, with well designed geometry and a solid cockpit clearly geared for nimble and agile riding. If you’re an enthusiast, you will probably love these bikes.


  • Excellent geometry for trail riding
  • Looks amazing
  • Efficient pedaling
  • Suspension mostly very capable on rough trails
  • Well suited for cross country and regular trail riding


  • Some aluminum models were not very confident rides

The Verdict

Overall, these bikes are a great choice for obsessive and competitive cross country and trail riders.

The Norco Sight bikes were definitely a treat to review. The overall performance on the trails was superb, with only a minor annoyance or two to speak of. These bikes are not for the faint hearted.