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The Norco Search is everything you want in a mountain bike, put into a road bike’s body. Made by a company that has gained fame for its MTB models, this is a gorgeous bike that is bound to serve you well on all the trails and streets without being too overpowered. It has a great spec and an even greater ride quality.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Norco Search XR S1 2020 Warm Grey 53
Norco Search XR S1 2020 Warm Grey 53

Norco Search Review

When we took a look at the Norco Search, we really loved the design of the carbon fiber frame and fork. They were great and unique indeed, especially when you look at the length of exposed seat post on the bike.

It uses a very top secret resin for the frame which is able to maintain air and impact resistance while staying light and easy. The bike itself is pretty light, clocking in at only 9kg. We had fun with it on actual roads just as much as we did on trails – the bike has a slack, aggressive head angle that is more than capable of racing down a street.

We fell for the Shimano Ultegra group set though – Shimano 785 hydraulic disc brakes as well as 160mm rotors gave this bike the stopping power it needed to hold out against the elements without any issues at all. Paired with the Ultegra and 105 gearset, this bike was a monster to behold.


  • Gorgeous and unique frame design
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Very durable indeed
  • Highly responsive
  • Great components


  • Can be a little disappointing on harder rides

The Verdict

A road bike with the personality of a Mountie, the search is a gorgeous example of how great design and the integration of different genres can lead to a better ride overall.

We tried out the search on a bunch of different roads, and it served us well throughout. While it did have its little discrepancies and issues, they weren’t debilitating by any means.