Heartbreak And Betrayal: The Story Of Rose Grant

Rose Grant knows that life is so much more than a starting line. You can be so much more than a cut-throat competitor.
Rose Grant

It has been two years now since the professional rider Rose Grant has been safeguarding her sovereignty at the women’s pro division, and yet again, she came to the  Leadville Trail 100 MTB in hopes of being able to defend her title. She had another reason which motivated her to win in such style. Rose Grant had officially announced that she would be ending her 10-year-long career by the end of this season. 



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Rose Grant has always loved her bike more than anything else, hence she felt like she should share what provoked her to put an end to her embezzling career. She said:

I feel like this season is in some ways a bonus tour. Last year, I was torn about continuing to race into this season. I hadn’t verbally communicated that to anybody because I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know how to transition

She continued to talk about the misery of being torn into two halves:

I didn’t want to continue racing just because I didn’t know how to quit or reinvent myself. Because my identity was so wrapped up in this one thing. The accolades from doing well were so addicting, I didn’t want that to be me

The women’s standing point of  Life Time Grand Prix Series saw a great change after Leadville. Sofia Gomez Villafane, the foregoing leader was not able to finish. Hence she scored no points. Haley Smith finished in third place on Saturday and is now the new race leader. Sarah Sturm was originally in fourth place and now she has moved up a point, ending up in the third position while Gomez Villafane stands second. Rose Grant is in the fifth position since she finished second on Saturday.

Grant feels as if this is the best time to retire. With her daughter growing up, she wants to spend more and more time with her to strengthen their bond. While talking about her future goals, Grant said:

 I want to let the structure go so I can be more versatile.  I want to be able to participate in a lot of other adventures and not be so one-dimensional, especially with my daughter who’s nine. She’s at such a good age to adventure with and create memories



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Rose did give some valuable insight into life. The betrayal and heartbreaks she receives in the sport have pushed her to do her best. She knows that life is so much more than a starting line. You can be so much more than a cut-throat competitor. Nevertheless, she is thankful for all the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her career. 

With a tired look on her face, Rose said:

I’ve had so much heartbreak, betrayal, and hard lessons in sport. I’m able now to have a healthy boundary of how messy I allow my heart, mind, soul, and body to be committed. I’m not going to let it negatively affect me or my family

We wish Grant luck in her future endeavors, so she can chill out like her husband and stop being envious of him. 

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