Groupama-FDJ Renews Contract With David Gaudu

The team has added 2 more years, stretching the contract up till 2025.

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Groupama-FDJ has once again roped in David Gaudu ahead of Tour de France. The decision came in on Thursday morning when the team disclosed that they have added 2 more years to the contract with David. The team still had one and a half seasons to go with Gaudu, but they did not want the star athlete to slip away.

In 2021, David finished in 11th place. Gaudu started the race as a domestique for Thibaut Pinot, but became the team leader, taking advantage of Pinot’s absence. However, the team management seems quite pleased with their decision to extend the contract, as one can ascertain from their comment:

There was a common desire to continue, we have established ourselves over the long term, and we are moving ahead together

The Frenchman is considered to be the rock of the team. His team shows full belief in him:

It’s very important to keep your leaders and riders. We are a team that works on a long-term basis. We want to see David shine in the general rankings and settle in at the top of the world hierarchy. David is affirming himself, he is now a strong anchor of the team

The 25-year-old’s future came in doubt because he spent his spring covered in injuries and sickness, but he made a smashing comeback at Dauphine, where he beat his rival Wout Van Aert, cutting the premature victory celebrations of Aert short and proclaiming the stage. The rest goes down in history.



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David Gaudu is also singing the praise of his team management. He realizes all the efforts the team puts in for every rider and acknowledges their hard work. He said:

The team is doing everything possible to make us feel good. I also want to emphasize all the research and development work that has been put in place to help us progress

The sprinter feels that once you become a part of the team, it starts running in your veins. There is no leaving Groupama-FDJ then. David feels that a certain chemistry is present with the team which just cannot be denied. He commented:

When you join Groupama-FDJ, there’s a chemistry, you can’t just be passing through

It was August 2016 when David joined Groupama-FDJ, little did he know that his contract will keep extending. He raced alongside his teammates in the Tour de France in 2018 and also became a part of Vuelta a España in 2020, where he won 2 stages, finishing 8th overall.

For the Tour de France of 2022, David Gaudu will be seen alongside his teammates Arnaud Démare, Pinot, and Stefan Küng, all of whose contracts have been extended until 2023. The latest addition to their contract of Gaudu means that he will be a part of the team until 2025, with 9 more seasons.



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David shares a deep bond with the team and reciprocates their happiness in extending the contract. David expressed his happiness in the following words:

I can’t see myself racing under any other colors, I was with the FDJ foundation, then I turned professional in 2017 and Groupama led us to another step in 2018.

Their history goes way back in time, as Gaudu said:

We’ve already shared a lot of things in 6 years

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