Fabio Jakobsen Reflects At The Russo-Ukrainian War After Winning Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne

"My mind and my prayers are with the people in Ukraine and the east of Europe,"

Fabio Jakobsen Kuurne Win

Fabio Jakobsen won the Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne, but after the race, he was questioned a lot by the journalists, the usual questions were about team tactics, the overall sprint, and his experience. Everything went down as it was supposed to, the questions eventually stopped and Jakobsen took a break but even after he was done, he took the microphone again to address the room, but it was not about sports.

My mind and my prayers are with the people in Ukraine and the east of Europe. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate any further and we get peace over there because for us it’s nice to be here and enjoy bike racing again.

Here, it’s 25-year-old guys fighting on a bike for a win and there, it’s the 25-year-old guys like me fighting for freedom and their life. It’s not a nice time over there and here we enjoy this, but my mind is over there and that puts things in perspective.

This was a very powerful way to end a press conference, he showed the media outlets that something needs to be done so that further escalation can be avoided. After winning the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, he has five more wins to his name, and I would say that is pretty impressive. He can easily be titled as the “Fastest Man In The Peloton”, but because of his modesty, he wants to stick to the top five.



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Fabio Jakobsen said:

The pressure I think is something that that comes with top sport and especially being a sprinter. You’re usually in the position where the whole team works for you and relies on you, and I think that is one of the moments that you feel most alive. For sure I do.

Last year going into the Vuelta it was not really a bonus anymore. We were already planning on sprinting for the win. There, the guys said, ‘we think you are one of the fastest in the peloton so we’re going to just work for you fully and try to win’.

I had a normal winter. I trained a lot with the guys, and we did a lot of sprints so I could really feel that I was getting back to the level I was before the crash. I’m grateful for that. It’s not been easy getting here but now at least I feel like a normal professional rider again.

Fabio Jakobsen although does not plan to take on the Milan-San Remo but would like to experience it one day. He shared his thoughts with the media:

You would need to talk to the team management about that. For sure, I dream about Milan-San Remo, but maybe this year is too soon. I’m going to do Paris-Nice and then see what comes after, but the shape is there, and I feel good so if there’s a spot available then, of course, I’d like to race there.

The main challenge that awaits Fabio Jakobsen at the La Classicisma would be their treacherous hills. They have proved difficult for many riders, Kuurne was easy enough for Jakobsen, let’s see how he tackles the next-level challenges.

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