Caleb Ewan Withdraws From “Cursed Giro” As His Focus Shifts To Tour de France

Heartbroken Caleb Ewan will be pulling out of "Giro From Hell" and will be focusing entirely on Tour de France. This was confirmed in a statement issued by Lotto-Soudal.
Caleb Ewan Giro Pull Out

Heartbroken and disappointed, Caleb Ewan will be pulling out of Giro d’Italia following the conclusion of stage eleven, this means that the Australian cyclist will not be starting off stage twelve. With this decision made, he will be focusing entirely on Tour de France.

This was not a sudden decision but was pre-planned by Ewan, this was confirmed by Lotto-Soudal. The team confirmed that the Australian always “Planned” to withdraw from the event before the big mountain stages started, there was no further classification made on this. Although before this withdrawal could happen, Ewan planned on getting some stage wins although that never happened. Frustrated and angry, Calen Ewan called this year’s Grand Tour- “Giro From Hell”.

With a training time of a few months, Caleb Ewan will be preparing for Tour de France. He expects that his performance and skills will improve before the mega-event. Lotto Soudal made the following statement on Twitter:


The statement made by Lotto-Soudal says:

Lotto Soudal rider Caleb Ewan will not be at the start of stage twelve of the Giro, raced between Parma and Genova. As initially planned, the Australian will leave the Giro during the second week of racing. With plenty of mountain stages coming up, together with the team it was decided that Ewan will be heading home.

Following a short period of rest, the sprinter will build up toward his next big goal of the season, the Tour de France, where he will also be targeting victories in the sprint stages.

All of this seems very disappointing for the Lotto-Soudal rider as he started the events with much hope. Not being able to win any stage victory brought Ewan down and fastened his withdrawal. What really brought him down was the finale of stage ten.

He finished dead last, he was 31 minutes and 18 seconds behind the winner Biniam Girmay, this added more than enough misery that Ewan could handle. Looks like Ewan will be following in the footsteps of the past as he never finished any Giro.



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