7 Tips On How To Get Good At Mountain Biking

Mastering Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a skill and no skill is learned overnight! I say that it’s a skill because it involves balancing, cornering, braking, and even unweighting the front wheel at times when you need to depending on the track you’re riding on. You need to master all these moves to successfully and safely enjoy mountain … Read more

Alpecin-Fenix Leader Mathieu Van Der Poel To Take “Mountain Biking Sabbatical” Till 2023

Mountain Biking Van Der Poel 1

Mathieu Van Der Poel has been kicking it off at the Italian Grand Tour while being the leader of Alpecin-Fenix. He has his goals straight and wants to focus entirely on road racing despite the fact that he is multi-disciplined and that the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup started last month. Just because he is … Read more