Rohan Dennis Bags Gold At Common Wealth Games

Hadn't Geraint Thomas met the tragic crash, the results could have been very different for the Australian.
Rohan Dannis

After  Geraint Thomas’s hopes of winning gold were taken out of the Common Wealth games owing to an unfortunate crash on 4th August 2022, Rohan Dennis (Australia) stepped in to sweep out the win, taking home the gold medal. Dennis was listed as the race favorite alongside Thomas for the men’s time trial. Dannis won a silver medal at the Common Wealth games of 2014 and had two world championship wins to his name. 



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Rohan Dennis delivered at a fantastic time of 48:21. The silver medal was won by  Fred Wright (England) as he finished 26 seconds behind Dennis, followed by Geraint Thomas (Wales). The latter managed to close in 28 seconds behind Dennis, despite the crash taking bronze. 

Rohan believes that his hard work of 12 years has finally paid off in the shape of the gold medal, and he was quite happy with this achievement as one should be. He cheerfully addressed the media:

I’m really happy. I’d made a habit of getting a minor medal at anything ending with ‘Games’,  so now to get gold, a lot of hard work over the past 12 years has finally paid off

Unfortunately, for Thomas, he was performing quite well before he crashed The crash made him lose a whole minute to Dennis, providing Wright with an edge to take on the silver. If Thomas would have somehow escaped the crash, he could have won the silver or even the gold. Despite having a bloody knee, he did not stop there and managed to continue the time trial, winning a bronze medal. But he looked unhappy with his achievement.



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Dennis on the other hand feels that these question marks on his win are unnecessary. He said:

You never like to see anyone come down and I hope that didn’t affect me winning or losing, It would have been nice to have a clean run for everyone, and no question marks, but in the end, I still got that gold.


1Rohan Dennis Australia48:21
2Fred WrightEngland+ 26
3Geraint ThomasWales+ 28
4Aaron Gate New Zealand+ 02:22
5Lucas Plapp Australia+ 02:26
6John Archibald Scotland+ 02:33
7 Owain DoullWales+ 02:44
8Darren Rafferty Northern Ireland+ 02:49
9Tom Sexton New Zealand+ 03:20
10Andreas MiltiadisCyprus+ 03:29

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