Vuelta Speed Corsa

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Vuelta Speed Corsa Review

Vuelta has certainly gained a reputation for itself, particularly in terms of design and technology. Now, there is little doubt at the higher levels, this brand is capable of producing greatness. Well, what about at a lower price, how does Vuelta function then?

The Vuelta Speed Corsa is the best possible answer to this question. This is because this wheelset is undeniably the product of some serious trickle down technology. When you consider how much the Speed Corsa is going to cost you, the weight of this wheelset can actually come as a shock. This is because it manages to slide in just under 1500g!

It is not just the weight that makes the Speed Corsa stand out, nonetheless. This, of course, comes in quite handy when attempting to pick up speed. The overall stiffness of the wheelset is quite impressive, nonetheless. In fact, it makes tackling slopes downright fun as there is no flexibility to worry about. Heading down a slope is just as exciting as up as the wheelset holds steady.

Now, this is not something that I personally experienced but many Speed Corsa testers have commented on the durability of the wheelset. According to numerous reports, you will not have to worry about truing the Speed Corsa anytime soon. For the performance that you get with this wheelset, they really do border on budget items. You will certainly not regret getting yourself the Speed Corsa.


  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Good with slopes
  • Durable


  • Graphics can be improved

The Verdict

The Vuelta Speed Corsa is a delightful surprise for anyone who dares to give it a chance.

You are getting a great deal on value with this wheelset.