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If you want a modest set of wheels for everyday performance, then Vision TriMax wheels are probably what you are looking for. These wheels are lightweight and suitable for long journeys. This model is a decent aerodynamics performer as well, but don’t expect anything fancy.

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Vision Trimax 40 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset Centre Lock Shimano 11 Speed
Vision Trimax 40 Carbon Clincher Disc Wheelset Centre Lock Shimano 11 Speed
$800 $897

Vision TriMax Review

Vision TriMax model offers wheels in the low profile range, which are lightweight enough for all-day rides in the saddle. The TriMax wheels are also quite affordable and provide good aero wheels. The Trimax 35, in particular, is a good budget range aerodynamics performer. Trimax is Italy-based Vision’s latest foray into offering carbon clincher and tubular wheels that can be used for high-end racing.

The Trimax wheels are built by mating aluminum alloy rims with carbon fiber fairing. Overall, the wheel rims tend to have depths around 35mm. Trimax wheels are also very nice looks, thanks to multi-color decals that come with each purchase. You can even customize the colors with a special request. The aero advantage on these bikes is provided with bladed spokes, with more radially spokes in the back wheel than the front. The nondriver side also has more spokes. Spokes are secured with ABS self-locking nipples on most models. Overall, this design allows for better balance and speeding.

The smart hubs on these wheels have 17mm acle diameters, and they usually tend to have two bearing on the front and the rear. The rear has an aluminum freehub compatible with Shimano or Campagnolo 10 to 11-speed cassettes. The rims tend to have 25mm widths, which is quite standard and moderate. The minimal tire width you will find is 23mm.

Performance wise, these bikes offer stiffness and great grip. However, they may take some times to be responsive and gather speed. Still, Trimax wheel is excellent for the budget strapped.


  • Good aerodynamic performer
  • Good for everyday racing
  • Great grip
  • Solid stiffness


  • Only good for modest performance

The Verdict

Vision TriMax is a decent set of aero wheels. These wheels are highly economical, durable and customizable, so they are well worth having.

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