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Vittoria Elusion Review

Vittoria has long held the envious position of being one of the most important tire makers in the industry. They were especially notable for producing tires for the Mavic brand. Over the last couple of years, they have been branching out and getting into the wheel business as well. There is no doubt that Vittoria knows what it is doing when it comes to wheels so we were anxious to see how the wheelset held up.

There is no denying that these alloy rims are light although they are now light enough to be considered featherweight. Nonetheless, it works out just fine once you hit the road with them. The straight-pull 2:1 spoke pattern aids with acceleration giving you a great headstart.

With the speeds offered up by the Elusion, there is no doubt that this is a race ready wheelset. There is also excellent power transmission thanks to the rear freehub. It connects almost instantly, ensuring that every time you pedal, the bike is simply shooting forwards.

What probably sets this wheelset apart from several others is the durability. This is because it has been improved with a hard ceramic coating finish. This is to help the wheelset overcome a multitude of issues that may threaten the physical structure of the Elusion. If you are looking to trade in the durability for cost, there is a cheaper version of the Elusion available sans ceramic coating.

It is also worth noting that you don’t actually need any tools when attempting to disassemble the Vittoria Elusion.


  • Light
  • Good acceleration
  • Durable
  • Easy to disassemble


  • More features mean heavier wheels

The Verdict

The Vittoria Elusion may not be the best around but the clincher wheelset is certainly worth a try.

You are getting a lot for the amount that you pay for with the Elusion.

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