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Ursus Athon is not exactly a bestselling brand. These wheels are disappearing off the shelves, so now is a good time to find a solid bargain to upgrade the stock wheels on your road racer. These wheels don’t boast much but they are decent performers.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Ursus Athon 28 Clincher Aluminum Wheelset
Ursus Athon 28 Clincher Aluminum Wheelset
Ursus Athon Clincher Aluminum Wheelset Disc
Ursus Athon Clincher Aluminum Wheelset Disc

Ursus Athon Review

Ursus Athon is not really a seller anymore and appears to be disappearing. That’s really good news for budget-minded buyers. You can probably find a good deal for Ursus Athon wheels for a bargain online. Though these wheels are not really known anymore, they are definitely still worth having. These wheels have always been for budget users. So, if you are looking for a wheelset based on price versus quality, this these wheels would do great. They are alloy wheels so along with a lower price tag, you will get a lighter wheelset as well.

Ursus Athon wheels can be described as having the perfect combination of road racing to commuting features. These wheels are usually used as training sets by professional cyclists. These classic wheels are highly reliable and you can depend on them for years. Ursus Athon wheels generally have low alloy profiles with about 24mm rims paired with Ursus CNC machined hubs. Overall, these features make Athon wheels highly comfortable. They can be soft and smooth on rough surfaces. These wheels are also known to be quite responsive when going uphill.

If you want to upgrade the stock wheelset on a road racer, then Ursus Athon will be an excellent affordable option. These wheels are quite reactive and support gathering speed quickly. While some features, like resilience against the crosswind, is subpar compared to more expensive models, these wheelsets offer excellent stability when racing. The rims are welded and injected so the profiles are very sturdy as well. Overall, Ursus Athon is a good wheelset for the budget-minded buyers seeking good quality for the price paid.


  • Economical
  • Good for racing and commuting
  • Highly reactive


  • No longer a bestseller
  • Hard to find

The Verdict

Ursus Athon is a fast disappearing wheelset. You can still buy these in discount stores and used. This wheelset is still great for both racing and commuting.

It’s best suited for budget buyers looking to upgrade from stock wheels.