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Trek Allant Review

The Trek Allant is a compact although unassuming bike. Nonetheless, it does have that quality that just makes you want to get on this bike and ride. So we did!

The Trek Allant is neither heavy nor lightweight and if you are of a medium height and weight, you should encounter no problems with this bike at all. When on smooth road, this bike is an absolute dream and you can simply ride it and ride it. Of course, not all roads are like this so we decided to head to somewhere a little bumpier. Doing so, we found that the Allant does not really hold up as well. Everytime we hit a bump or a dip, it reverberated throughout our entire bodies. Therefore, we recommend that you stick with well paved or new roads.

There is one aspect of this bike that is quite comfortable, however. This is the riding position. Unlike other bikes that are built for a more competitive performance, the Allant allows the rider to sit upright. This was something that we really liked, even several hours after riding the bike. In this sense, the Allant really is a great commute bike.

Since it is a commute bike, the Allant does not have too many gears. Unless you live in a place that is especially hilly, however, this really is not going to be too much of a problem. You will be able to get up minute slopes without a great deal of effort.

What really stood out for us with the Allant was the fact that we didn’t have to power through on our rides. This bike translates the push power incredibly well and the bike sails along without a lot of effort.


  • Good frame, not too heavy
  • Appropriate accessories for a commute bike
  • Does not require too much effort
  • Moderate price


  • Uncomfortable
  • Limited number of gears

The Verdict

The Trek Allant performs well as a commute bike and is worth the minor investment that you have to make.

If you live in a well-paved city, then it will be difficult to find a better bike for you than the Trek Allant.

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