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The Token C55A may not be the most talked about wheelset for triathlon’s or time trial race but it should be in the conversation. This is because you are able to experience speed, comfort, and resilience with this wheelset. The will definitely make you more formidable.

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Token C55A Resolute Carbon Alloy Clincher Wheelset Shimano
Token C55A Resolute Carbon Alloy Clincher Wheelset Shimano
$800 $558
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Token C55A Review

If you are looking for a new set of aero wheels, specifically for competition purposes, then you might want to take a look at the Token C55A. This is because it boasts some impressive specs that can really help you up your game.

Now reading off the page, you might be a little surprised to see the weight of the wheelset. This is definitely one of the heavier options to choose from so it is easy to be a little put off. Once I had them settled in and took off, however, I found that it was little to worry about. These really took off beautifully and I had no issues gaining speed.

This extra weight actually becomes quite the advantage in certain situations. This is mainly in bad weather and crosswinds. This is because instead of swerving all over, you are kept on the straight and narrow. The shape of the rims also go a long way towards making sure that you ride well even in the winds.

Speaking of bad weather, one thing I noticed was the excellent braking capabilities of the wheelset, even when the ground was wet. This is done with the help of the alloy surface which makes for better braking than the carbon. I also found that I was in for quite a comfortable ride as well! Due to this I found that I could ride for longer periods of time and not suffer as a result. All in all, there are nothing but good things to say about the C55A.


  • Fast
  • Great braking in wet conditions
  • Handles well in crosswind
  • Aerodynamic


  • Pricey

The Verdict

The Token C55A will be a true asset to someone who is looking to upgrade to faster wheels or cut down on their overall time.

From the first ride, you can notice the difference with the Token C55A.

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