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Token C50 Review

Token C50 is a set of lightweight aero wheels that are designed to allow you to climb, even on windy days. If you are not familiar with the Token brand, it’s a bike maker that makes only fully carbon models. Token has a comprehensive range of carbon bike parts, including wheelsets. The brand also uses proprietary designs so their products are quite reliable. The Token C50 wheels come with reflective decals designed to offer better versatility. In a nutshell, these wheels are suitable for road racing, training rides, and even triathlons.

Each wheel has a 50mm deep rim, which will definitely give you an aerodynamic boost. Though the rim Is deep, the wheels are short enough to keep the weight low. Carbon has a tendency to add weight to wheels. While this wheelset is not an actually ultra lightweight model, you won’t experience excessive weight. The wheels are kept a low profile so you won’t have a problem cycling uphill or maintaining stability against crosswinds. Token actually employs a number of design tactics to reduce the weight of the wheels and support speeding. The wheels have Arsenal hubs to eliminate weight. Also, the hubs are specially designed to support the Diametric spoke patterns made to increase the stiffness of the wheels as well as durability.

While this is a carbon model, the braking surface is alloy, so it dissipates heat easily. You can use these wheels on a daily basis for years thanks to improved resilience. This wheelset is designed to maximize


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Can handle windy roads


  • Relatively unknown brand

The Verdict

There are several reasons to invest in Token C50 wheels. They are lightweight and can be used for racing, training, and triathlons.

The wheels are highly versatile and can handle windy roads. If you are not looking for a famous brand, this wheelset won’t disappoint.

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