Specialized Langster

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Specialized Langster

Typically, the cheaper the bike, the cheaper the specs and the performance. Since this bike was created by Specialized, however, we did hold out some hope. While the Specialized Langster may not look like much, this sleek bike will definitely surprise.

The great thing about the Langster is that it is very minimalistic in its frame – there is absolutely nothing out of place. It may not be flashy, but that does tell you a lot about the overall feel of the bike. When straddling it, we also found that it was quite light, a lot lighter than we were expecting.

What completely surprised us was just how fast the Langster went. It required very little encouragement before it took off, us holding on for dear life. This coupled with the fact that the bike is quite light compensates for the other feature on the bike – that is a single-speed. This means that we got up little slopes a lot faster and easier than we intended. You just have to ease up on the speed when going downhill or you may lose control.

We all agreed that we would appreciate slightly stronger brakes, especially considering the speed that you can get up to. Also, without a lot of options in gears, better brakes would really come in handy.

What was really great about the Specialized Langster, however, was the bang for buck. For what you get with this bike, the price tag really is quite reasonable. Particularly if you are planning on riding the Langster day in and day out. If you are an avid cyclist, you will be able to fully appreciate every gem that this bike has to offer.


  • Good price
  • Great frame
  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Good for commute
  • Solid Construction


  • Needs better brakes
  • Better for experienced cyclists

The Verdict

The Specialized Langster is perfect for the experienced cyclist who lives a bit of adventure in their road bike.

The Specialized Langster is quite modestly priced and offers up some great features and performance for it. This is definitely a bike that will keep you happy, regardless of where you decide to take it.