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Shimano RS11 Review

Shimano RS11 is designed to be a durable and strong training wheelset. It’s mainly valuable for the super sturdy and resilient rear wheel. This wheelset is best suited to fit into your turbo tire in winter. Use the RS11 to help you make winter gains so you can be fast all summer. This model is cheap compared to Shimano’s RS330 model of wheels, and there are significant design differences between the two as well. However, if you want a decent set of wheels to go with the road bike, the RS11 is the more cost effective options.

These Shimano wheels come with 14mm high profile aluminum rims. The idea is to improve aerodynamic performance. Compared to many other models of the same price range, these Shinmano wheels do indeed have a significant aero advantage. The lateral and torsional rigidity is improved by straight pull stainless steel bladed spokes. There are 20 spokes in the rear and 16 in the front. This ratio facilitates seamless power transmission between the wheels. The spokes are also without any elbows, so the overall wheelset is very strong but also very responsive. There’s a 3mm lateral rigidity offset in the the rear tire. This makes the rims asymmetric with very wide flange spacing.

The hub of the wheels has angular contact bearings, which have become rather standard for newer Shimano wheels. The hub can provide both lateral and radial support by cradling the balls. Overall, you get much better durability and strength with these wheels. Friction levels are also lower than usual.


  • Stronger rear wheels
  • Suitable for winter use
  • Durable
  • Responsive
  • High performer


  • Not as good as Shimano RS330

The Verdict

Shimano RS11 is another excellent performer by the well-regarded brand.

These wheels have a strong rear and are more durable than your average wheelset. You won’t regret investing in these wheels.

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