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Zipp 303 Review

It takes but a glance to realize that the Zipp 303 looks different. If you are wondering why that is, it is because this wheelset is wide. In fact, the 303 is one of the widest among the wheelsets that Zipp produces. There is no need for concern, however, as there is a very good reason for why this feature exists. At the same time, depending on what you are riding, you may experience some fitting problems.

Once you begin riding with the 303, something is almost immediately noticeable and this is the acceleration. The aerodynamic abilities of this wheelset greatly reduces on the drag and you can get up to the speed that you want incredibly fast. The lightness and the overall stiffness of the 303 also mean that you can maintain this speed without really breaking a sweat.

The wide rims really come into their own when you have to face down bad weather. The aerodynamic design of the rims mean that the wind really isn’t a concern for you. Even when it begins to get gusty, you can be sure that your wheelset and bike will stay true. The braking is also quite impressive, especially on the descents thanks to the de-lamination properties.

One of the main advantages, for me, regarding this wheelset was the durability and reliability of it. This is not a wheelset that you have to reserve for special occasions. You can ride it every day and not have to deal with any issues. This is certainly a good thing because the 303 are not cheap and will need to be taken out frequently if you are to be able to get your money’s worth.

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  • Balances weight with aerodynamics
  • Good acceleration
  • Fast
  • Good in high winds
  • Admirable braking

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  • Expensive
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    The Verdict

    The Zipp 303 is light, aerodynamic, fast, and durable… what more could you want?

    While you may need to part with some serious cash, it really is worth it for the 303.

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