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Shimano C35 Review

Shimano C35 is a Dura Ace model has a bigger rim than what you usually find in wheel models of this kind. The wheel rim width is a whopping 20.9mm. The depth of the rim is 35mm. The design is specifically aiming for to provide aerodynamic quality rides. The weight of the wheelset is centered around the hubs so rotational weight is lower than average. Overall, this wheelset can capture speeds faster than counterparts on the markets. The rider can get the bike up to desired speed with this wheelset in no time.

The C35 also comes with angular contact bearings. They are shaped in unique ways so that the bearings can be pushed outboard as much as possible. So the wheels are capable of holding spoke brimming with tension without affecting the quality of the ride. Also, this Shimano wheelset has the widest hub flanges for the brand. The super wide flanges quite dramatically increase the lateral rigidity and torsional strength. You can be assured that with these features maximum power of pedaling goes to the wheels.

This wheelset features a laminate carbon body that is 100% hand built. The wheelset also sports an OptBal 2:1 spoke lacing pattern, where drive sides have a workload twice as much as the drive side. Shimano has also changed the ratio of spokes so that the rear side has 21 and the none drive side only has 7. This is the perfect ratio to strike the right amount of balance regardless of the force being applied.
This wheelset is generally more efficient than others in the same price range and you can always rely on the Shimano brand.

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  • Wider than average rims
  • Excellent aerodynamic advantage
  • Increased lateral rigidity
  • Highly responsive

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  • Not a budget wheelset


The Verdict

Shimano C35 is a highly efficient wheelset that is impeccably designed to optimize aerodynamic performance. The defining quality if these wheels are definitely the wider than average rims.

You will be able to benefit from the superior engineering of C35 regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner.

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