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SE Palisade Review

As a comfort bike, the SE Palisade is designed primarily for use as a comfy, savory instrument of mechanical energy. It mainly prefers short joy rides on your neighborhood road or on a flat biking trail. You would typically use it for your daily commute or when visiting the park or grocery store.

Unless you are a particularly keen rider, the SE Palisade should be an excellent choice for you. In the interests of comfort it can be relied upon to decently handle bumpy tarmac thanks to its 700x35c wheeling set-up and light aluminum construction. The Palisade is available in a variety of sizes so as to make your selection more specific to your needs. It also comes equipped with a 21-speed gear system which allows you to stretch its legs a little and a decent sized water bottle mount for when you have finished and would like to take a drink.

However, there are a few faults to be mindful of. Unless you consider yourself an expert you might be slightly at a loss during the process of assembly. A trip to your local bike shop could sort it all out but it can cost you a bit of money. Also, in the beginning stages of owning one, you might find yourself fiddling with it a bit more than usual to make it just right for you. But apart from these minor setbacks it you should get your money’s worth owning one.


  • Versatile over multiple types of terrain
  • Comfortable ride
  • Decent acceleration
  • Practical around town


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Requires many readjustments after assembly

The Verdict

Unless you were unfortunate enough to receive a poor quality sample, SE Palisade should deliver on your expectations from a decent comfort bike.

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