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Rolf Prima Elan Review

Rolf has been received with mixed reactions over the years, especially in different parts of the world. However, if you are not really sold on what this company offers, it is time to change your thinking. With the Prima Elan, Rolf has managed to create an impressive wheelset that offers up numerous capabilities.

One of the things that the Prima Elan has managed to cater to is the now continuing belief of the superiority of wide rims. The rims stand at a width of 22mm. This is not just accommodating popular views, however. The extra width helps with stability, air flow, and even contributes to the overall steering response.

Another one of the perks that the Prima Elan offers up is the lack of weight. In total, the wheelset settles somewhere around 1500g, skewers and all. This means that going fast is not a problem at all with the wheelset. It also means that getting up even steep slopes becomes a whole lot easier. Then, there is going downhill as well. What comes into play here are the aero features afforded by the Prima Elan. They help to maximize on speed while maintaining stability.

What all of this really adds up to is the fact that the Prima Elan is suitable for any number of cycling activities. The capabilities of this wheelset are numerous, making it quite the all-rounder. If there were to be a negative point about this wheelset it is that it’s not cheap and may be just a little too expensive for most riders.


  • Light, wide rims
  • Good aero features
  • Good for climbing


  • A bit expensive

The Verdict

The Rolf Prima Elan is a pretty impressive clincher wheelset that offers up a great performance.

Although a little on the pricey side, the Prima Elan proves its worth admirably.

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