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Rolf Prima Ares3 Review

Rolf Prima Ares3 is a lightweight set of wheels stiff enough for climbing that is well worth the money you spend. While everyone is rushing to buy Rolf Prima Ares 4 or 6, the Prima Ares 3 is still doing quite well in the market. Thanks to the latest releases, this model sells for cheaper than when it was first released. So, if you a budget strapped cyclist looking for an upgrade, Rolf Prima Ares3 is a good wheelset to consider. It was originally released in 2010, so the specs are not that old either. The paired spoke design seen in these wheels were originally designed in 1997, and still sell like hot cakes.

Rolf Prima Ares3 is built around the original paired spoke concept. It has rims 35mm deep and 24.5mm wide, which are ideal specs to give you a superior aero advantage. The rims are wide so the tire can be spread out to provide better feel of the road so you can handle the bike well and exert better control. Other features of these wheels include titanium freehubs and ceramic bearings. Thanks to the paired spoke pattern, usually only about 16 spokes are placed in front.

These wheels, while suitable for road racing, are mainly designed for climbers. The wider space for tires is intended to provide better traction when riding up steep slopes. The Rolf Prima Ares3 wheels are quite lightweight too. Average weight is around 1,400 grams. This is great for racing, but it’s even better for climbing. It can be noted that Rolf Prima Ares3 is lighter than Zipp 202 wheels.

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  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Excellent for climbing

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  • Design a bit outdated


The Verdict

Rolf Prima Ares3 is a classic set of wheels still worth owning.

These wheels are made for climbing, and that’s the main reason to use them. While the design dates back to 1997, the performance is quite up to date. Plus, these wheels can last a very long time.

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