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Pro Lite Paula Review

Pro Lite has earned itself quite a reputation, particularly for the fact that they are all about their hand-built pieces. However, another reason that this company stands out is due to their progressive thinking and their continuous efforts to… well, reinvent the wheel. With the Pro Lite Paul, it really feels like they have done just that.

This wheelset has a pretty unique signature. Despite the low spoke count, the spokes are quite wide. Not to mention, they are at a very high tension. The result of all of this is an incredible amount of stiffness. This is coupled with the trademarked spoke braces which aid in the size increase of the flange.

So what does all of this mean for the Pro Lite Paula? Well, one of the results is that this wheelset makes handling any bike a lot more precise, especially when it comes to cornering. It also means that there is a great power transfer. You are going to find yourself going a lot faster with a less effort. This comes in useful when you are headed up slopes. The improved power transfer makes it an absolute breeze to head up steeper areas.

The spokes are at a 90° bend and butted. This gives them an extra boost in the durability department. Therefore, you will not have to worry about pushing the limits of this wheelset. Last but not least, of late, the Paula has been available as a tubeless option.

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  • Incredibly stiff
  • Great power transfer
  • Durable
  • Available as tubeless option

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

The Pro Lite Paula is definitely the wheelset that you should look into if you are looking for something that is efficient but also a little different.

All in all, the Paula is admirable if a little bit expensive wheelset.

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