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Whether you are looking for an alloy clincher or carbon wheels, you are sure to be satisfied by what Pro Lite Bracciano has to offer. These quality wheelsets are not only light, they have also been designed for the highest possible performance.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Pro-Lite Bracciano Label A42W Aero Wheelset Black-Grey 42mm
Pro-Lite Bracciano Label A42W Aero Wheelset Black-Grey 42mm
$459.99 $358.00
You save 22%
Pro-Lite Bracciano Label A42W Aero Wheelset - 42mm
Pro-Lite Bracciano Label A42W Aero Wheelset - 42mm
$459.99 $412.00
You save 10%

Pro Lite Bracciano Review

One thing you certainly have to appreciate about Pro Lite is that they are incredibly detailed-oriented. Instead of relying on machinery, the company is all about hand-built components that are designed and fitted perfectly. This certainly shows on the wheelsets, straight out of the box.

Now, with the Bracciano series, you get models ranging from full alloy to full carbon, depending on the price range that you are looking for. What I really like about the series is that even with the cheaper alloy version, you still get incredible value. For instance, one of the alloy wheelsets are actually weighed at around 1500g. For the asking price, this really is a magnificent feat.

One thing you can expect from the Bracciano wheelset, regardless of the model, however, is consistent and responsive ride. Not to mention it boasts just the right amount of stiffness. The lightness of the wheelsets come in particularly handy when accelerating and heading up sleeps. The acceleration is an absolute dream while climbing is just as easy and comfortable. This does mean that you can expect some unreliability when heading downhill. As long as you do not take on anything too steep, you should be just fine.

As these wheelsets are well built, they are also incredibly hardy. If you are looking to head out onto some rough road, the alloy version will be a great companion. Potholes and other bumps really will not make much of a dent with the Bracciano.


  • Great design
  • Well constructed
  • Light weight
  • Rigid
  • Durable


  • A little unreliable on down slopes and fast speeds

The Verdict

It is difficult to outdo the Pro Lite Bracciano as a reliable and high performing wheelset.

There are almost no complaints regarding this truly outstanding series.