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PowerTap G3 Review

Powertap G3 is actually a brand of hub. It is a power meter. The product is available as a hub and most people buy it as a custom wheel. This is worth buying as a separate option after tires or wheels. Power meters are expensive in shops but you can buy one at a discount online. Some options are also easy enough to fit that you do not need to visit a shop to set up or calibrate. Powertap G3 belongs to this convenient group.

Powertap G3 is the type of accessory you need if you are building your own wheels. The latest Powertap G3 has been upgraded to ensure maximum stiffness and minimum weight. The redesign comes with increased hub flange spacing that improved stiffness in the lateral wheel. The weight of the hub has been simultaneously reduced by 90g. So the overall weight of the Powertap G3 is 330g, which is quite impressive. The manufacturer has also moved all internal hub electronics to the outboard. All gears are housed very safely inside the Powercap accessory. This design choice makes it easier to replace the battery and service the gadget.

The power meter performs quite well and gives measurements accurate by about 1.5 degrees more or less. Do note that this power meter hub is sold without any additional accessories or electronic displays. If you need any to customize the system, you will have to buy these separately. (Here a buying hint: purchase additional items from the same seller to ensure compatibility and replacement options.) You can easily switch the Powertap G3 between bikes just like you would do with wheels. The unit includes PowerTap Dual ANT+ and BLE (Bluetooth) tech to transmit data wirelessly. You can also sync this device with a Saris Joule or ANT+ Garmin (Edge 810, Edge 705, Edge 500, etc) device if you already own one.


  • Can be used with multiple bikes
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Can be connected to several GPS devices
  • Highly precise readings
  • Can be purchased as a custom wheelset
  • Low weight


  • Not a complete wheelset

The Verdict

Powertap G3 is a power meter hub you can use in your wheelset. You can also use this to custom build a wheelset. It provides highly precise and accurate readings that you can rely on.

You can use the meter with different bikes and get readings via Bluetooth. This is a truly modern and top-notch power meter any cyclist can benefit from.

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