Pashley Britannia

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Pashley Britannia Review

When we finally got the chance to take a look at the Pashley Britannia, we approached it with a lot of excitement. After all, this was a bike with a sweet lugged frame and Sturmey Archer gearing hubs, brakes and alloy pedals.

We sat on the Brooks B67s saddle and had a great experience indeed. When it comes to comfort, this bike does not disappoint, that’s for sure. It looks very feminine, and had most of our team calling the bike “her” when referring to it.

She takes you back to a time when bikes were simpler and cycling was a pleasure, not a chore. From the easy shifting of the gear hubs to how affordable the bike is, and the excitingly old school pedal powered headlight, this is one that we loved. That said, we had little issues like a loose basket, a squeaky bracket and other little things.


  • Nice frame
  • Super affordable
  • Great gearing and shifting
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Made for females and looks like it
  • Retro feel


  • Strangely loose basket

The Verdict

The Pashley Britannia is the ideal bike for a female rider or just about any casual rider who wants comfort and values a retro feel to their ride.

We had a great time riding the Pashley Britannia, and thought that it was the perfect choice for a number of different uses including running errands or commuting. While the basket is a small issue, this can be overlooked for all the perks this bike has to offer.