Montague Crosstown

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Montague Crosstown is one of the best folding bikes currently available in the market. This model is ideal for commuting in towns and cities. People who take the bike to work will find this model highly useful. In addition to unique designs, this model offers excellent specs to ensure smooth and comfortable riding as well.

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Montague Crosstown 7 Speed
Montague Crosstown 7 Speed

Montague Crosstown Review

Montague Crosstown is one the best folding bikes models we have reviewed so far. We dare say it compares quite well with the legendary Brompton brand, which makes the best folding bikes in the world in our opinion.

We loved taking these bikes out for a spin. We were surprised to find how customizable and adjustable this bike model is. Well, it’s easy to fold and carry onto the subway or a bus, unfold and then ride to school or work. The average weight of a bike is around 7 kg, so carrying is not that big a problem.

The bike model offers 7 speeds and a mighty comfortable saddle. It has Octagon steering system that impressed us easily. More impressive was the stem that was easy to adjust for height with a click of a button. Also, a rider can set the handlebars at any height he or she likes. Combined with the elegant design, this is possibly the best folding bike we have encountered after the Brompton.

As they say, all good things come with a catch. The problem with this model is that it doesn’t offer aggressive speeds.


  • Excellent folding bike
  • Lightweight
  • Stem and handlebars are adjustable for height
  • Superior comfort


  • Low speeds

The Verdict

If you are looking for a top-notch folding bike that is not from the UK, then Montague Crosstown should be your top choice.

This lightweight bike model is easy to carry, and offer nimble rides. Though speeds can be improved, it’s reliable and secure. We highly recommend Montague Crosstown for daily commuters and leisurely riders.