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Montague Fit is one of the speediest and highly versatile road bikes currently available in the market. This renowned model offers folding bikes that are also great for sporting-level speeds. This model comes with the highest performance for a folding bike you can find anywhere. It’s ideal for hardcore users and amateurs alike.

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Montague FIT 30 Speed DISC
Montague FIT 30 Speed DISC

Montague Fit Review

Have you ever wondered if you could fold a fitness road bike and carry it like a commuter bike? This is what Montague Fit try to achieve. The first folding bike for this brand, Montague Crosstown, was excellent for everyday use, but was limited in speeds. Fit tries to fix this problem by combining the versatility of a foldable bike with the superior performance of a road bike.

We have to say we were very excited about reviewing this bike. It’s not every day that you encounter a hybrid road bike that delivers as promised. We can say with confidence that this bike model is the top in the market for best endurance road bikes. Plus, they are highly flexible as well. We could ride these bikes in the city as well as on a dirt road without a problem. This is, however, still a road bike, so some rough terrain didn’t fare well.

This model offers 30 speeds. According to the brand, folding time is only 20 seconds. Weight is around 26 lbs, which is not bad at all. The only downside we could think of is the price, which can go to the top end.


  • Perfect hybrid road bikes
  • Fares extremely well against the Brompton
  • Excellent specs
  • Great flexibility


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for some rough terrain

The Verdict

Montague Fit is possibly the best hybrid road bike that anyone can purchase. If you are a pro, this road bike will meet all your needs.

If you are a beginner, this bike will not intimidate you. It’s perfect for busy workers as the folding can be done in a matter of seconds. Plus, Montague Fit is great for long road rides as well.