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The Novatec Jetfly definitely exceeds expectations across multiple fronts. Although it has modest beginnings, this cost-friendly, light wheelset is quite a performer on the track. Despite missed advertising opportunities, it is certainly more than just a pair of training wheels.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Novatec Jetfly Alloy Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset Performance Wheels
Novatec Jetfly Alloy Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset Performance Wheels
$450 $539
Novatec Jetfly Alloy Clincher DB Wheelset AW17
Novatec Jetfly Alloy Clincher DB Wheelset AW17
$450 $539

Novatec Jetfly Review

It is quite probable that you have heard of Novatec by now. After all, they have gained wide recognition as a truly superior wheelset manufacturer. They have been coming into their own of late and their Jetfly, in our opinion at least, is one of the finer models to date. This alloy based rims are more middle of the road in terms of price. Although certainly not budget, you do not have to spend too much to get such high quality.

This is why it is especially surprising when you catch of sight of how much the Jetfly weighs. In total, it clocks in at under 1500g. This is incredibly impressive considering what you need to pay for it. This is definitely a wheelset where you don’t need to decide between money and weight.

This feature and the semi aero nature of the wheelset had us quite excited to give the Jetfly a try. We were able to easily accelerate with them and it was a really fun ride, especially as a group. There is quite a bit of rigidity to the wheelset which in turn makes them quite responsive. At the same time, you can also expect some flexibility with the front wheel. However, you are only bound to notice it if you are really putting the Jetfly through its paces.

Another thing that we collectively like about the Jetfly was that it stood up well against strong winds. Despite some serious gust, the wheelset held up well and we did not experience any drop in speed at all.

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  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Decent level of rigidity
  • Good brakes
  • Reliable in wind

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  • A little bit of flex with wheelset at times


The Verdict

The Novatec Jetfly is a great option if you want a lightweight, semi aero wheelset for a decent price.

The Jetfly proves to be worth every penny when you get it out onto the track.

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