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Mercury Wheels M5 Review

Rim width is becoming more and more important to cyclists these days which is probably why Mercury has taken special care in this department. The M5 rims come in at about 23.5mm which makes it great for modern tires while also improving on the overall aerodynamics of the wheelset.

They are pretty light all things considering which is where the Mercury begins to earn its reputation. It is this lightness that really does give the M5 the advantage when heading uphill. In particular, you are going to find yourself practically sprinting up slopes, easily breaking away from the competition. This is helped by the stiffness which results in no flex when pushing up the hill. At the same time, what I liked, is that it has enough of heft to make sure that I get back down with minimal swerve.

The deep rim as well as Mercury’s very own Seamless Transition Technology is what adds to the aero nature of this wheelset. This reduces the obstructions of the air flow while preventing drag, especially due to any turbulence. The brake track on the M5 is also something that is worth mentioning due to its performance.

I was quite pleased with the overall performance of the M5 and I could not find any inherent faults. That being said, the M5 is up against some stiff competition. Unfortunately for this wheelset, many of them are better established. Nonetheless, with just a little bit of time, the M5 is sure to get the recognition it deserves.


  • Light
  • Aerodynamic
  • No flex
  • Great for climbing


  • A bit pricey

The Verdict

The Mercury Wheels M5 is an interesting wheelset that really should be given a chance.

This is definitely a wheelset that will get you where you need to go in great time.

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