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Mavic R-SYS Review

Mavic R-SYS is a super lightweight set of wheels. This is a surprise for a brand that has stubbornly stuck to traditional rims. However, Mavic has gotten on the wider rim bandwagon that emphasizes lightweightness. At 1,295 grams, these are some of the lightest wheels you would find in the market. In practice, you may feel like the wheels are a bit heavier, but they are still very lightweight by many standards.

These wheels are highly functional and also quite appealing. The SLR model in particular comes with black rimmed wheels with charcoal hubs and carbon spokes, which looks very sleek and stylish when on the road. While the color for many of these wheels is black, the material they are made from is alloy, not carbon.
Mavic has incorporated the Exalith braking surface with the rims, resulting in increased friction. The wheels come with specific pads that generate quite exceptional stopping power. You can rely on this braking system when going downhill or riding on wet roads. The brakes can be a bit noise at first, but the sound with eventually die down with use.

The spokes on these models are designed and fitted to ensure balance and efficient transfer of power. However, some of our testers raised concerned regarding the durability. You can be assured to ride the spokes for about 1,000 miles. Problems can offer if the bike hits potholes as the wheelset has low shock absorbency power.

You can rely on these wheels to provide decent grips on wet or dry surfaces. While some features, like puncture resistance, are lacking, overall these wheels are worth the money.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Excellent braking power
  • Suitable for wet roads


  • Traditional rims
  • Increased friction
  • Doesn’t absorb shock well

The Verdict

Mavic R-SYS is an ultra lightweight set of wheels that you can ride uphill or downhill. It’s the braking system that truly remarkable, which will allow you to speed even on wet roads.

While some features, like the traditional rims and lack of shock absorbency, are disappointing, this is definitely a wheelset worth investing in.

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