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Mavic Ellipse is a super popular wheelset, mostly because riders can fit it in without the need for a professional mechanic. These wheels are stiff and requires little effort to gain top speeds compared to other types of track wheels.

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Mavic Ellipse Clincher Track Wheel Set - 700c
Mavic Ellipse Clincher Track Wheel Set - 700c

Mavic Ellipse Review

Mavic Ellipse alloy track wheels are quite popular in the biking world. These wheels are notable because you can fit them without having to go to a bike shop. They sell quite well online because of that. These wheels are a common sight on the tracks. Their notable feature is that these wheels are stiff. Compared to other entry level track wheels, these will not lose you any effort from your sprints by flexing. Mavic Ellipse is the go-to training wheel for most pros and sponsored riders, so that can only be a good sign.

These alloy wheels are recommended particularly for track racers and city or urban riders. If you have a Singlespeed or fixed-gear bike, then this wheelset would be ideal. You can use these wheels all year around for anything and not experience major wear or tear. The wheels are very durable in this regards. You can also buy a pair for around $500, which is highly affordable.

These wheels sport an aerodynamic build intended to gain speeds without risking slippage or loss of control. The rim profile is 30mm deep, and the spokes are bladed steel and are present in the low count. This design helps the wheels slice through the wind. You will encounter little resistance as you speed on a bike fitted with Mavic Ellipse wheels. The hubs are proven to be quite solid as well. The wheels weigh around 1,900 grams. While this is not the ideal lightweights some cyclists desire, it’s the best you can get for the price. Regardless of the weight, these wheels can fly through the air quickly and fast.


  • Popular
  • Can be self fitted
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Aerodynamic supported


  • A bit too heavy

The Verdict

Mavic Ellipse wheelset is heavy, but there are plenty of other features to top that. This wheelset is highly durable and is well suited for urban cycling.

Speeding can be achieved easily as well. Plus, the wheelset can be self-fitted onto a bike. What more reason do you need to buy?