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Mavic Aksium Review

Getting Mavic Aksium wheels is the first upgrade nearly everyone makes to their first road bike. Particularly the Elite model is quite popular, as it supports lightweight tires eliminating a chunk of overall weight from the bike. The newest Mavic Aksium wheels have an added disc model so riders can get the perfect quality Mavic feel. These wheels are quite ideal for gravel bikes.

The defining feature of these wheels is the wider than average rim. It’s part of the overall trend in the bike world towards wider tires. These wheels are a testament to superb French engineering that is often dwarfed by Italian and Swedish engineering. Not only does this wheelset sport highly desirable features, it is also highly wallet friendly. It’s a budget set of wheels so don’t expect top-end performance. However, performance can be compared to those of high-end bikes and comes quite close.

The rims on these wheels are made from S6000 aluminum. The brake surfaces offer improved friction and better-controlled stopping even in wet weather. The wheels are quite light given the price tag. They also feature certain aerodynamic details.

These wheels have traditional single-eyelet rims and spoke hole penetrate the exterior layer of the rim. As a result, these rims are not recommended for racing. However, the design is absolutely perfect for riding long miles. These wheels are highly recommended for training. If you want to upgrade from the stock wheels on a bike you have purchased, Mavic Aksium wheels will be the best bargain you can get.


  • Supports light tires
  • Good as a first wheelset
  • Improved brake friction
  • Low-cost


  • Rims not suited for racing
  • Budget performance

The Verdict

Mavic Aksium is a highly recommended budget set of wheels. These are the wheels you need as the first wheelset for a new bike.

If you are a racer, skip these. But if you are a regular or a long road cyclist with limited funds, by all means, go for these.