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The Kona Mahuna offers confidence for riders who are tackling rough slopes for the first time. With improved traction and excellent maneuverability, this bike will make any ride an experience while still assuring stability and dependability. This is a bike that will take you across any terrain safely.

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Kona Mahuna 2019
Kona Mahuna 2019

Kona Mahuna Review

The Kona Mahuna is far from being the only 29er on the market. However, it does stand out against the sea of other hardtails for a couple of reasons. First, for its price point, you will be hard pressed to find a better mountain bike. Then there is the geometry which makes riding on the trails as easy as possible, even to the uninitiated rider.

Knowing what Kona bikes are capable of, we took the Mahuna to the roughest trails around. True to form, this bike did not disappoint. Rocks, stones, roots were all rode over as if it were nothing. There is very little that is going to stop this bike. Of course, the plus side of these bike are the 29 inch wheels. During your ride, this allows you to make much more contact with the ground. This means you are going to feel completely in control on every ride. This is only improved with the fact that the maneuverability on this bike is great.

This bike is quite heavy so heading up slopes can be a lot more difficult than going down them. Also, on flat land, picking up speed can require more effort as well. The other only disadvantage that we could find with the Mahuna is its fork which is a Suntour XCR 32. It is quite basic so if you are going to head for more technical trails you could find yourself at a disadvantage. Apart from this, the Mahuna is a great buy, certainly one that will last you a long time, regardless of how hard you ride it.

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  • Great geometry
  • Mid-priced
  • Handles rough terrain well
  • Dependable

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  • Weight
  • Fork


The Verdict

While the Kona Mahuna makes for a great first hardtail, it is also a bike that you will want to hold onto. It is easy to ride and you can be certain of just how the bike will react, regardless of the trail or the conditions.

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