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The Kona Process is a series of bikes that have the capability of dirtbikes while being awesome enough to withstand all of the stresses of the road. It is classified as being a downhill bike, and is able to wow anyone who steps on it, because it is a true lord of the descent.

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Push ElevenSix Kona Process 153 Shock
Push ElevenSix Kona Process 153 Shock
Kona Process 153 CR DL GX Jenson
Kona Process 153 CR DL GX Jenson
Kona Process 153 GL 2017
Kona Process 153 GL 2017
$4,599 $2,760
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Kona Process Review

The Kona Process series has a number of models in its line, including the 153 DL among others. We noticed a mainly alloy frame with some parts that were made of carbon, which made us a little curious as to why exactly the bike cost so much.

In addition to this, the fork of the bike had a RockShox Pike set on it, which isn’t the most high-end set in the world. One of the biggest perks that we noticed, though, was the way the suspension is driven by a pivot. This is a formula that Kona has been using on its bikes for a while, and its served the Process well, turning it into a machine that could fly across the ground with ease and precision.

The suspension was complemented by another RockShox Monarch Plus RC3, which was pretty responsive. We were able to go down some pretty scary trails with no problems such as having the wheels off the ground most of the time.


  • Great looking design with nice detailing
  • Pivot suspension
  • Very good shock absorption
  • Really responsive ride


  • Not the best kit in the world for the price

The Verdict

You can be sure of having the best downhill ride ever on the Kona Process, a bike that will treat you well no matter how harshly you test it.

We really liked the ride and the handling of the bike. It performed very well during our review, and left us feeling pretty happy with the overall ride. However, we did get the feeling that it was a little overpriced for the kit that was provided to us with the bike.

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