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Kona Fire Review

Kona Fire is a hardtail mountain bike model that has been beloved for over 20 years. These mountain bikes are usually recommended for road bikers who want to transition to hardcore mountain riding. Some of our testers have ridden these bikes for years and had nothing but good things to say in the review.

The signature feature of these bikes is the lightweight aluminum frame that is very durable as well as versatile. The body of the bike is quick and efficient, in other words, just perfect for mountain biking. The components of the bikes are carefully chosen to support this efficiency. These bikes come with Turnkey forks, Shimano gearing, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and FSA cranking. The brakes are important for halting immediately. You cannot count on anything on a steep hill, so these brakes are reliable and offers peace of mind.

We were impressed by how agile these bikes are as well. Mountain bikes generally come with agile and responsive frames that make taking sharp turns possible. Kona Fire bikes are really what set the trend in this regard, as far as we know. Even for hardtail bikes we really liked how agile the models were. The frames come with stable forks, so navigating is easy.

There are also some cons. These bikes won’t handle really heavy riders. If you are over 180 pounds, the brakes will squeak. The wheels may disappoint some as they are not always suitable for really rough terrain. However, the wheel set can be upgraded. Overall, this model offers excellent value for the price.


  • Agile and responsive
  • Great brakes
  • Designed especially for hardtail mountain biking
  • High-end components


  • Won’t handle heavy riders
  • Wheelset may need upgrading

The Verdict

Kona Fire is a superb mountain bike model for beginners and trainees. If you are looking to transition to a mountain bike, you won’t find a better model. These bikes are very agile, even for hardtail bikes, and come with safe and reliable brakes. The price point offered isn’t bad either.

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