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The Kona Lava Dome is a sturdy mountain bike for the cyclist who does not mind a little heft. In total, the bike weighs close to 15 kilos, at a higher class. It is on the cheaper end of the price spectrum of bikes in its class. It comes equipped with a 6061 aluminium frame and a Suntour XCT fork.

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Kona Lava Dome 2020 - S
Kona Lava Dome 2020 - S

Kona Lava Dome Review

The Lava Dome offers a great ride, particularly on more questionable mountain trails. Regardless of the thicket ahead, it will get you through. In this, it is a good bargain for the smoothness that it provides. Nonetheless, this is certainly not a light bike – you will need to have some strength to pull it up hills.

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