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The Kona Dew range of road bikes is a versatile series from one of the top bike manufacturers at affordable and midrange price tags. Featuring a combination of Shimano, Tektro, SRAM and Kona’s own parts, these bikes are a pretty good buy for budget urban riding.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Kona Dew Urban 2021 - XL
Kona Dew Urban 2021 - XL
Kona Dew Plus Urban 2021 Bikes
Kona Dew Plus Urban 2021 Bikes
Kona Dew Plus Urban 2021 - M
Kona Dew Plus Urban 2021 - M
Kona Dew Deluxe Urban 2021 2021 Satin Oatmeal Satin Oatmeal
Kona Dew Deluxe Urban 2021 2021 Satin Oatmeal Satin Oatmeal

Kona Dew Review

Kona rarely disappoints with any of its cycle lines, having been around for around thirty years now. The Kona Dew range was created for a more affordable range of quality urban commuters and leisure cycles. Now, granted these bikes are not the all-rounders that Kona usually puts out, but they do offer up some great action for this price range.

At first glance, we could tell these bikes were durable, with Kona’s 6061 butted aluminum frames for the majority of the models, and the super light 7046 butted aluminum for its top models. The Kona Dew PHD has excellent specs, with Shimano Tiagra componentry and Kona’s carbon road disc fork, and it showed when we took the PHD for a spin.

Even on the bottom end, these bikes gave us light and easy riding through the city, taking on a few potholes without giving us much trouble, and Kona’s saddles are comfy enough for those long rides. Needless to say, these bikes offer functionality and performance at an easy price. Rack, bottle, and mudguard mounts are available, making this a solid and reliable choice for commuting.

We might have chosen some slicker tires, but you can always swap them out if you have this issue. The pedals on some of the models are a little too big, so we found it a little tough to take those corners at high speeds and angles.


  • Durable, quality material
  • Great componentry, especially on the PHD
  • Comfortable riding
  • Rack, bottle, and mudguard mounts
  • Colorful options
  • Ideal for commutes and long leisure rides


  • Could use better tires
  • Pedals a little too long

The Verdict

These are great urban riding cycles with quality componentry, design, and functionality overall, at quite affordable prices.

We really enjoyed getting to review the Kona Dew bikes as they were, for the most part, a fun and smooth ride through our city. We were rather disappointed by the pedals grazing the ground, but this is the only major flaw in an otherwise excellent affordable hybrid.