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Intense Tracer Review

The Intense Tracer is a bike that has been advertised as being the ultimate in carbon framed endurance bikes, but it isn’t the youngest bike out there. The bike is built, as we soon came to realize, for riders who want to favor power transmission and superb handling at speed.

We ran downhill on the bike and it handled incredibly well, just like a stream of tracer bullets at high speeds. Rocks, water, ditches and anything else that stood in the way of the Tracer were taken to task, destroyed and sent packing in milliseconds as we rocketed down the slopes.

The Tracer isn’t, however, a bike that is made for anyone. This is mainly due to the largely outdated suspension system on the bike – the larger bumps and stops out there pull the cranks backwards by a little bit, which can cause an inexperienced rider to immediately lose their rhythm and could even lead to a nasty fall if left without being remedied.

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  • Nice frame design
  • Built for speed and power
  • Handles really well
  • Downhill monster

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  • VPP suspension is old and cranky


The Verdict

This is a bike that is made for a pro downhill cyclist who wants to blast through obstacles with minimum effort. It is a great performer with nice manners and a timeless elegance to it.

Where the bike didn’t shine, though, was the suspension. While we loved every second that we spent on it, we thought that this wasn’t nearly enough to make up for the less than awesome performance.

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