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Intense Primer Review

Intense Primer bikes are intended for experienced and hardcore mountain bikers. These bikes are not cheap. Expect the best price to range over $4,000. The Primer 29 can cost close to $10,000, which is like buying a car. So we recommend this bike model only for experienced bikers. It was a delight to review this super bike model. We took it for a long test ride on our favorite sloping trails. Here goes our review.

These bikes are definitely eye catching. They come with lovely exteriors painted in a combination of a dull color like black, and a vivid color like orange. The bikes have carbon chassis similar in design. However, the the more expensive bikes under this model have the chassis made from sturdier material. The walls tend to be thicker for the less expensive ones and thinner for the more expensive ones. Other parts include top components like SRAM 12-speed Eagle drivetrains and RockShox Stealth dropper posts.

There’s no doubt that this is a high-end carbon bike. Intense is known for carbon bikes and each component is designed specially to optimize the advantage of the carbon composite. We didn’t find any exaggerated angled on these bikes. The bikes are impressively speedy and reliable. They tackled even tough mountain trails with relative ease. The bikes were nimble enough to be maneuvered with ease. Our reviewers were definitely impressed.

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  • Specially designed carbon composite frame
  • Unique chassis
  • High-end components
  • Speedy and reliable

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  • Very,very expensive


The Verdict

Intense Primer bikes are definitely not for the cash strapped. These high-end bikes are for hardcore mountain bikers who don’t mind spending a lot on a bike to rely on for years. This is one of the best carbon models out there, as expected from Intense. All in all, if you are looking for an expensive carbon mountain bike, this would be perfect.

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