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Industry Nine Ultralight Review

Industry Nine Ultralight is a wheelset model with signature features such as tubeless rims, branded spokes and a hub that engages quickly. These wheels are ideal for cross country bikes. As the name suggests, these wheels are extremely light at 1,500 grams. Parts include torch hubs, aluminum spokes, 15mm quick-release front axle, 10mm quick-release rear axl and six-bolt rotor compatibility.

Quite interestingly, the spokes on these wheels are made from 7075 aluminum so they thread directly onto the hubs and not the nipples. As a result, the wheels have a greater cross section that mazimized tensile strength. The threading is done exclusively by the brand and boasts superior standards. The traditional spokes in the wheels are rolled instead of being cut. The advantage here is extra strength. Also, it reduces stress on the wheels. The threads are larger than the spokes giving a sturdier interface along with the hub. With these specs, this wheelset can boast 120 points of contact and engagement up to 3 degrees at all times. Some people cannot do without these features.

These wheels are surprisingly strong. The rear hub can withstand 700 feet per pound of torque, which is similar to the amount a diesel truck can handle. That means you can ride at full power without fearing slippage. You can climb steep hills with the quick engagement features with easy. This model also lacks a bearing between the body and the shell of the freehub. So bearing size is reduced. Riders can generally get a highly precise steering on long journeys on these wheels.

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  • Best for cross country bikes
  • Unique design choices
  • Strong spokes
  • Stress on wheels reduces
  • Lightweight

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  • Design may not suit all tastes


The Verdict

Industry Nine Ultralight is a super lightweight bike made especially for cross-country riding. These wheels are marked by strength and stability.

If you don’t mind getting used to a new style of design, you will be able to conquer any country trail with this wheelset.

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