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Industry Nine i45 Review

Industry Nine i45 is not a well known seller, but it is a solid performer. These are deep carbon clincher wheels. These wheels stand out thanks to rim laced with fast-rolling hubs. Almost all parts on these wheels are American made, including Reynolds SLG carbon fiber rims and Sapim spokes. You can definitely rely on the quality and the results of these wheels. While you are not going to find any super fancy specs for these wheels, they are guaranteed to be highly appealing. Most i45 wheels have lovely anodized finishes that you can show off.

Looks are not everything with these wheels. This model comes with an updated Torch road hub. These wheels are made for people who want to cycle hard. Thanks to the upgraded hub, there is zero slippage with these wheels. You can ride as fast as you want in almost any weather and be assured of excellent stability. The hubs are sealed against mud with Teflon contact endcaps, so you can ride these wheels on wet road without a problem. The design is made to be drag free on squishy terrain. You get stainless steel spokes with these wheels, which are sturdy and very stiff. You can rely on these spokes to absorb shock and reduce vibrations even if you ride over potholes or gravel.

The spokes on the rear end follow a 2:1 lacing pattern and 8 spokes are placed on the non drive side. As a result, power transfer is quite exceptional. You can rely on this wheelset for everyday use, casual riding and training.


  • Works great on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Good for speeding
  • Excellent power transfer between spokes
  • Very little slippage


  • Specs are rather modest

The Verdict

Industry Nine i45 is a modest wheelset that performs decently. If you want top-quality parts but without having to pay a lot as you would do for a famous brand, then this wheelset would do just fine.

It’s not fancy, but it’s truly great considering the price.

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