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Industry Nine C58

If you were to glance at the price tag on the Industry Nine C58 before giving it a test run, you would probably say ‘no thanks’ and walk away. You can hardly be blamed as this wheelset does come at a hefty cost. Therefore, you may be wondering precisely whether it is worth your money or your time. Here’s your answer…

One of the more notable features of the C58 is the Torch three pawl driver. It can withstand a ridiculous amount of torque. This means that there is a great translation of power to the wheelset to make it easier to go faster. The C58 is also a great option if you frequently have to battle crosswinds. This is because it boasts a sharp trailing edge contrary to most other Reynolds rims. Due to this, you are afforded a great deal more stability.

Crosswinds are not the only thing that this wheelset can handle, nonetheless. You can slog through water and mud and be reassured that your hubs are safely protected from it all. It comes in particularly handy if you are focused on cyclocross racing.

The carefully composed carbon rim also does a lot to reduce the drag. This is why it is such a great aero wheelset. Therefore, if you are looking to go fast and not be slowed down by the elements, the C58 is going to come in quite handy.


  • Carbon design reduces drag
  • Driver helps with torque resistance
  • Great for crosswinds
  • Quite durable


  • A little heavy
  • Expensive

The Verdict

If you do not mind the price tag, then the Industry Nine C58 could be what elevates your riding game.

Stability and a great design make for a truly enjoyable ride with the C58.

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