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Named after the velodrome in which Sir Christopher Hoy won his first World Cup, the Fiorenzuola is one of the most prestigious rides in the world, and is one that expects its rider to be just as amazing as the bike itself. With the name Hoy on the tube and a legend behind its design, this is one for the history books.

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HOY Fiorenzuola .002 2015
HOY Fiorenzuola .002 2015
$1,300 $1,245

Hoy Fiorenzuola Review

The Hoy Fiorenzuola isn’t some child’s plaything. We noticed that right off the bat. This was a machine that was made to be raced, and raced with a passion at that. The frame is stiff enough to feel like you are zooming along (which you will be). While it did feel like a pro bike at first, we felt that a beginner could also ride it without many problems.

The models of the bike make use of a triple butted aluminum frame, which means that it is of the perfect diameter in every single part of the bike. Not a single ounce of its weight is wasted, nor is there any extra on the bike. It is a machine made for sprinting, that was for sure when we rode it for the first time – there was not even a nanometer of flex on the tube and the frame.

In addition to this, all of the gearing and components are made by Hoy’s designs, along with being one of the few truly unisex bikes out there. While the stock bike isn’t the absolute greatest, a few tweaks can mold one into any shape that is desired.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Incredibly stiff frame
  • Made for racing
  • Triple butted aluminum frame
  • Light and elegant

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  • Made for pros
  • Has to be tweaked to be a better fit


The Verdict

Made for the streets and the track, the Hoy Fiorenzuola is a racer that is built for the professional in you.

This is a bike that truly never fails to satisfy. We loved every second that we spent on it, and are excited to see what other designs the legend has to come up with!

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