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Hoy Aomori Review

In true Hoy tradition, the Aomori gets its name from a location of some significance in the life of the company founder. Aomori is a place in Japan, where Mr Hoy won a keirin race for the first time. And it was also the place where he decided he would one day start manufacturing his own bikes and now here we are to review another descendant of the dream: the Aomori.

The construction features suggest the Aomori is primarily built for being a swift commuter but with a dash of sportiness added to the mix as well. The frame is 6066 heat treated aluminum and the fork features a carbon blade with an aluminum tapered steerer. The drive train is reassuringly all Shimano so it will deliver smooth acceleration and let none of the energy released from your boot go to waste. Despite the mostly aluminum construction, the Aomori is incredibly light, easily capable of rivaling more expensive carbon based competitors. The braking is also from Shimano and provides good stopping power.

The only downside with the Aomori is that is not the most comfortable bike in its category. Even though it has been designed to facilitate long journeys with comfort and compliance, it is really more of a nimble, fast and stiff sports bike – something to go with a rush of adrenaline not a heart rate in double figures. It is also not the most practical bike, lacking mud guards so that could be annoying if the weather gets wet. But apart from that, it is a highly desirable and enjoyable ride.


  • Good looking
  • Swift responses
  • Good braking
  • Sporty handling


  • Not ideal for long distances
  • Not practical

The Verdict

Its lack of practicality and comfort makes this a choyce for keen riders who care nothing for logistics and are all about the riding experience.

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