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Cube is a German bike brand that has a knack for producing some truly memorable machines. The Litening has promised to be one of these, with its lightweight design, stiff frame and its ability to zip down the roads as fast as…well, lightning.

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Cube Litening C 62 Race Disc 2019 58 teamline
Cube Litening C 62 Race Disc 2019 58 teamline
Cube Litening C 68 SL 2019 60 carbon n flashyellow
Cube Litening C 68 SL 2019 60 carbon n flashyellow

Cube Litening Review

There is just one color scheme for the Cube Litening – green and black on the carbon fiber frame. The frame has a nice, beefy bottom tube, a sturdy looking lower bracket, and very slim seatstays. An Ultegra gearing system does its job exceptionally well.

Overall, the Litening has one goal – to find the perfect balance between comfort and speed. It actually comes very close to this, simply by having a nice, compact frame with a decent amount of flex to it. The bike makes use of 25mm Schwalbe One tires, which we actually prefer because it means that the bike can be ridden with lower pressure in the tires.

The seatpost also emphasizes on being slim at 27mm. This look pretty great when placed next to the large, fat bottom tube. However, the frame and the bike in general are very well designed, especially in terms of aerodynamics.

The Litening is able to zoom along most roads with ease, as the frame emphasizes on being lightweight and durable at the same time. It is a lot of fun to ride, with very little to complain about.

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  • Great design and colors
  • Good gearing and components
  • Aerodynamic features
  • High speed with good comfort

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  • Handlebars tend to drop a little more than necessary


The Verdict

A lightning fast bike with the capacity to do anything you ask it to without question. The Cube Litening is a bicycle that has little in the way of bad and a whole lot of good.

We had a ton of fun during our review of the Cube Litening, and came out of it with the conclusion that this bike is a responsive, stable and well-designed machine that can have its moments, although rare.

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