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GT Match One is a bike model designed for both BMX racers and casual users. These sturdy and stylish bike offer quality and comfort at affordable rates. If you are looking for a sporty bike for everyday use, GT Match One bikes would suit your needs quite well.

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GT Mach One 16 Freewheel 2020 Junior Bikes
GT Mach One 16 Freewheel 2020 Junior Bikes

GT Mach One Review

GT Match Ones are quite well known as BMX bikes. This model has a Pro range specially designed for those who like racing. However, racing is not the only thing these bikes are good for. We reviewed this bike model to see if it offers everything the brand claims it does.

Please note that we used several newer products of this model. Therefore, the specs and the features described or praised in this review may not be relevant to older models.

The moment we took this bike model out for a spin, it was immediately clear that these bikes are made with comfort in mind. The handlebar and pedal grip offered is truly superior, probably because this model is intended for sweaty racer hands and rushing feet. The saddle, of a unique GT brand, was lightweight and very convenient when pedaling fast. But we found that the seat can be a bit uncomfortable when pedaling slowly for long periods of time.

We want to praise the GT Wing Design tires that come with this model. The tires can seamlessly navigate even the most pebble-filled road. We are quite confident that these tires will not go off road on rainy days.


  • Excellent handlebar and peddle grip
  • Comfortable seat for racing
  • Manages rough terrain quite well
  • Anti-slip tires
  • Affordable prices


  • Saddle can become uncomfortable during long rides
  • Good for racing, not necessarily for commuting

The Verdict

GT Match One is a cost-effective bike model that BMX racers and regular commuters can rely on.

We can confidently recommend this model for both professional and aspiring racers. This bike model can handle rough roads and almost any rough terrain quite comfortably. It’s built with user convenience in mind, so you can race in style and comfort.