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GT Fury is one of the best known downhill racing mountain bike models. The Fury sports an unprecedented geometrical design to better suit modern needs of racers. This bike model is the ultimate downhill racer that can handle even the toughest tracks. This is the model for you if you like quality and performance.

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GT Fury Expert 2020 Satin Gunmetal

GT Fury Review

GT Fury is definitely a downhill racer we were eager to review. The original Fury was first launched around 2008. That model was good, but there have been several other models that have had better specs since. So GT has upgraded Fury to suit the expectations we have now.

This model features an independent drivetrain with a revised design and a framset with the coolest geometry we have ever seen. The model is well suited for contemporary race tracks. This is the model Atherton siblings once raced on. The model is only 220m. So some may wonder how they can handle it without being Athertons. Well, the new model has a slacker front end, so the front wheel is quite far ahead of the rider. The head angle is 63 degrees. These design choices make the Fury model quite easy to handle.

We wouldn’t recommend this model to newbies. You will still need experience and a solid skillset to handle the Fury. When we rode, we noted that the front end hand a tendency to jump put. It’s important to move and quickly fix posture to avoid an accident.


  • Upgraded design
  • Excellent new geometrical framset
  • Trustworthy specs


  • Front end may jump out
  • Requires experience and practice to handle

The Verdict

Overall, GT Fury is a top-tier bike model to own. It breezes downhill and offers excellent performance.

We have to say that not just about anyone will be able to handle this model. We would only recommend the GT Fury to experienced downhill racers. Still, this bike delivers several excellent capacities.

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