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Enjoy a challenging mountain ride or breeze through rough terrain on this raging MTB bike. GT Aggressor is one of the latest releases from this trusted brand, and delivers as the impressive performance specs promise. It’s durable, affordable and suits cyclists from moderate experience levels to professional.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
GT Aggressor Comp 2017 -Blue
GT Aggressor Comp 2017 -Blue
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GT Aggressor Comp Gunmetal 2017
GT Aggressor Comp Gunmetal 2017
722$ 578$
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GT Aggressor Sport 2018
GT Aggressor Sport 2018
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GT Aggressor Review

Our first impression of GT Aggressor is that it’s one beast of a bike. We can say right away that this is one of the best mountain bikes we’ve had the chance to review. Though this model looks unassuming from the outlook, it provides one hell of a ride through adventure trails.

This model comes with a frame developed based on Triple Triangle technology. Basically, this tech allows the frame to last longer. Triple Triangle frames have stiffer rear components so the bike is more responsive on rough terrain. GT fans know that Triple Triangle is one of the unique features this brand offers.

In addition, this model combines Shimano and All Terra components to reduce vibrations and navigational problems on rough trails. The Shimano Drivetrain is particularly useful for shifting when riding up a hill. We were quite surprised just how smoothly nimble this bike is.

The cool features don’t end there of course. The model comes with aluminum riser handlebars and a “micro adjust” saddle for comfort. The frame is quite lightweight, comparable to GT Match One, but not Helion.

On the flip side, this bike model may not be suitable for BMX racers who like rough terrain. We recommend hardcore mountain bikers to invest in bike with higher-end specs.

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  • Easy control and navigation
  • Very affordable
  • Triple Triangle frame
  • Combination Shimano and All Terra components
  • Excellent responsiveness on rough terrain

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  • Mostly budget specs
  • Not as lightweight as it should be
  • Not suitable for super hardcore mountain bikers


The Verdict

GT Aggressor is a solid and reliable mountain biker for casual users who like to ride uphill once in a while.

This model offers excellent navigation, responsiveness and smooth riding at an affordable price. The Triple Tech frame is perfect for comfortable rides. The model can also easily double as a commuter bike.

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